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Great BluesArtists of Massachusetts

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Babe Pino of Stonecrazy


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Babe Pino has been a fixture in the Boston area blues scene for 40 years.

He is not, and never was an asskisser, so he never became a huge name on a national level.

Veterans of his infamous "Boston Blues Band" include Bob Margolin, David Maxwell & his low key guitar strumming brother Ken Pino. (who was Johnny Copeland's Sideman until his dying day)

The greatest Bluesmen Muddy Waters, Freddie King, both Luther "Snake Eyes" and "Guitar Jr." Johnson, James Cotton, Junior Wells & Buddy Guy have found his harmonica playing to be among the best, if not the Best in this Music.

Please view a preview of the Film I am working on to document his Band.

Jon Fitchet 1/7/07


Review: http://www.dannyklein.com/stonecrazy/telegram0106.htm

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Great Blues Artists of Massachusetts inducted into The Blues Hall of Fame ® include: Babe Pino of Stonecrazy