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. . . Open Blues Jams of Pennsylvania

The 1st Wednesday of Every Month 7pm - 10pm

with the Philly Blues Kings
Free Admission - BYO welcome! . . . .

Congratulations to Georgie Bonds on his induction into the BLUES HALL OF FAME!

An opportunity for players and lovers of the Blues to get together to celebrate the USA's original musical art-form. Hosted By WXPN's Jonny Meister and PSALM's Jamey Reilly.

Photo courtesy Gene Thorpe Photography

The PSALM Salon is a voting corporate member of the Blues Foundation and honors performers who preserve and extend the joy and sorrow of the Blues. The Salon opens its doors the first Wednesdays of every month from 7pm to 10 pm free of charge to invite both players and lovers to join for a few hours in an intimate concert-like environment to enjoy the spontaneous expression of the USA's original musical art-form. The Blues Jam is hosted by PSALM's Jamey Reilly and WXPN's Jonny Meister, host of "Blues and Beyond" and the "Blues Show."

Guest players should plan to do 1 or 2 songs. Blues music only! There will be a sign-up sheet by the door for your name and instrument. The Philly blues kings will play the first and third 45 minute sets, and guest players will play for the second hour and a half set. We make it easy for players by supplying a full sound system, drum kit, keyboard, and several amplifiers. All you need to bring is your favorite instrument. All levels of proficiency are welcome... from seasoned professional players to amateurs with a story to tell. Solo and acoustic artists are accommodated as well.




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