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I was on a best friends level with Paul DeLay for over 40 years. We played together every chance we got. His big body , heart , and soul were in every note he played. He heard musical "things" the rest of us never could, and used them in his unique and individual style , but loved the Blues and stayed close to the Blues genre that he loved so deeply. Paul DeLay was, without any doubts or questions, the best Blues Harmonica player the good Lord has yet to produce. Enough said. Jimmy Lloyd Rea 10/27/09

Paul deLay's Official Web Sites: http://www.pauldelay.com/home.ihtml & http://home.europa.com/~damray/


I would like to nominate Paul De Lay for the BHF.
I first became aware of Paul around 1993 or so. My first impressions were that he had a tremendous voice and harmonica style. Upon closer listening I discovered that he was a very clever lyricist too. His songs painted vivid pictures of real life stories. He is truly one of the great harp players and singer songwriters to ever come down the pike. His music was infectious even for those who were not blues fans per se, his music spoke to people. Musicians will study his music and style for generations to come. Paul has to be rated up there with the best ever. Little Walter, Sonny Boy, WIllian Clarke just to name a few. His legacy will live on for a hundred years. Jim Harris 10/31/09

Paul deLay

Given Name: Paul Joseph deLay

Born: January 31, 1952(1952-01-31)

Died: March 7, 2007

Nominated by: Harmonica John Feburary 28, 2003

"Paul deLay is the freshest . Clean lines, great lyrics, memorable hooks" Harmonica John

Quoted from website.

"I gotta say it, man--for my money, deLay's the best harp player in the world!"
- Hubert Sumlin , legendary guitarist with the late Howlin' Wolf.

"deLay's a terrific chromatic player...and a really heartfelt singer...but his songwriting is phenomenal. Absolutely some of the best stuff I ever heard."
-Jerry Portnoy, harmonica player with Eric Clapton, as quoted in Blues Revue July 1995

"Paul deLay is not just great--he's without a doubt the most brilliant, creative and talented blues harmonica player on the planet."-Westcoast Blues Review

"This guy's gotta be heard!" - Billy Gibbons, of ZZ Top

"Paul deLay is great!" - B.B. King

Paul deLay's Personal Web Site: http://www.pauldelay.com/home.ihtml & http://home.europa.com/~damray/

 Hit Songs: "Fourteen Dollars in the Bank"

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Paul deLay, considered one of the finest blues harmonica players and singer-songwriters to be found, and his band, are well known in blues circles across the nation. The Philadelphia Enquirer recently printed, "For a bluesman, and he's a great one, Paul deLay has the most infectiously bright spirit you're likely to hear.Paul deLay doesn't pull any punches, and like the best blues, his songs have the ring of truth that comes from real-life experiences."

Peter Dammann * Paul deLay Band
PO Box 25542 * Portland OR 97298
phone: (503) 244-5827
fax: (503) 289-2836
email: Peter@pauldelay.com
web: http://www.pauldelay.com

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Paul deLay's Personal Web Site: http://www.pauldelay.com/home.ihtml & http://home.europa.com/~damray/

Paul deLay's Fan Club Web Site:

Other Paul deLay Web Sites: http://www.planetharmonica.com/ph4/VE/Review08UK.htm

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