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STERLING MAGEE aka MR. SATAN. . . . . .. . . .

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I have the delight of having a Legendary Blues Artist reside here.

His name is Sterling Magee, otherwise known as Mr. Satan.

(Google his name and see what you come up with!)

He still plays! and a Local Blues Artist, T.C. Carr comes by from time to time and blow harp while Sterling does his thing. Sterling still has it!

He is not totally the same "Mr. Satan" as he was in his heyday when he was on the streets of Harlem, backing up James Brown, or touring with Bo Diddley.

What can we do to help me make sure that Sterling recieves some much deserved and long overdue recognition for his contribution to blues even as we know it today. (He has a cut on the U2's Rattle and Hum Album!)

Sterling is a wonderful individual, Give Mr. Satan his dues....

Click here for article on Sterling http://www.island.net/~blues/s&a.htm

Thank you and long live the Blues! Kevin Moore ADC Activity Director 2/6/02


 Given Name: Sterling Magee


 Hit Songs: " Freedom For My People"

GUITAR TAB: http://www.u2station.com/tablature/rattleandhum/freedomformypeople.txt


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Stirling Magee's Officicial Web Site: http://www.island.net/~blues/s&a.htm

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