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Nappy Brown . . . . . . . . . . .
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Nappy Brown . . .

Given Name: Napoleon Brown Culp .. . . . . .

 Born: October 12, 1929 Charlotte, North Carolina

Died: September 2008

Hit Songs:"Don't Be Angry","Pitter Patter", "Don't Hurt No More", "I Cried Like A Baby",

"Night Time Is The Right Time" "Who, What, Where & When", "Shake Rattle and Roll", "I'm A Wild Man",

"Who's BeenFoolin' You", "Bye Bye Baby", "I Don't Believe", "I'm Getting Lonesome".

The Blues Hall of Fame ® Ann Turner writes: Nappy Brown is known all over the world. I accompanied him on tour in Austria 2 years ago. They brought old 33 records to be autographed. All the shows were packed. They LOVED him. He is one of the old guys who is still on the road. He is featured this month in one of the most popular European Blues Magazines.

I would like to see Nappy Brown (born Napoleon Brown Culp) who passed away September of 2008, inducted.

Not only was he a frontrunner in the development of the Blues Era, but he continued over the years to perform to and hold a large and dear fan base.

As you are sure to know, he had many songs that have been covered by other artists (who unfortunately were able to take them further).

I feel that he had staying power and even after two ten year hyatis', could always pick up where he left.

So many that began when he did were not able to do so. There are songs such as "Night Time is the Right Time",
which Ray Charles has gotten credit for over the years. This award would not only bring recognition to those, but would honor his career.
You can find so many other interesting facts about him that would indeed give him the needed attributes to join BHF.

I ask that you please review that information and if this years inductees have been chosen, keep him in mind for the next year of awards.

He gave his life to his fans and his craft. This is the least that could done to help comfort his family and give him the recognition that he deserves. I thank you in advance for your time and attention, and welcome your response-either way. God Bless You.

Teresa Vaughn 1/28/2010

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Nappy Brown's Personal Web Site:

Nappy Brown's Fan Club :

Nappy Brown Fan Club PO Box 44294 Charlotte, North Carolina 28215

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Who's Been Foolin' You
The Best of Both Worlds
I'm a Wild Man
Aw! Shucks
Apples & Lemons
Deep Sea Diver
Just for Me
Something Gonna Jump out the Bushes
Tore Up
I Done Got Over
The Right Time
Don't Be Angry!
Nappy Brown Sings
That Man 1954
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