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ALBERT COLLINS  Aka "The Iceman"

Aka "The Master of The Telecaster"

 Given Name: Albert Collins 

 Born:   October 3, 1932 Leona, TX

 Died: November 24, 1993

 Hit Songs: "Frosty"

The Blues Hall of Fame ® Interviewer:

Mr.Collins was at the Deroit Guitar Show and swamped by autograph seekers. After signing guitars and pictures he went outside for a smoke. By then, nobody was bothering him or even talking to him because they had their prize autograph.

I asked Mr. Collins if I could just stay and talk with him and he said "sure, the rest of em lost interest I guess." We chatted for a minute about a guitar door prize I had won and I asked him for some advice. "Mr. Collins," I asked, "how did you learn to score music? I am having the devil of a time trying to learn."

Albert Collins looked at me and took a drag on his smoke and replied "Hell sonny, I can't read." "you can't read music?" I asked. "Nope, I can't read. I only have a third grade education." I was amazed at his honesty but he went on.

"When I was young my Mom wanted me to take piano lessons and the only piano in town I could use was about five miles away. Well, walking that far got old quick and my uncle had a guitar so I borrowed it from him and learned to play on the porch. Never had a lesson at all."

"Well, what about the guys inside the guitar show selling all those tapes where you can learn to write music and play like Albert Collins for 59.95?" I asked.

Mr. Collins looked at me with dancing eyes and a wide grin and simply said "funky shit isn't it?"

To this day I am amazed at the humility and honesty of the man. Not only was he a great musical stylist, but he never lost sight of who he was and where he came from.

****** *******
Detroit, Michigan

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